The overall business operation of Univentures Public Company Limited and the subsidiaries in 2016 is considered to exceed the target. The Company had total revenue of 17,315.6 million baht with the target of 15,300.0 million baht. The proportion of revenue earned from the real estate business for sale amounted to 14,236.6 million baht calculated as 82% of total revenue. The real estate business for rent amounted to 1,395.3 million baht calculated as 8% of total revenue. The zinc oxide business amounted to 1,292.2 million baht calculated as 7% of total revenue. The Company's net income was 1,075.7 million baht increasing for over 70% from the year 2015. Regarding the revenue from the real estate business for sale of 14,236.6 million baht, it was divided into the low-rise projects of 9,825.0 million baht from 38 projects of Golden Land Property Development Public Company Limited and the high-rise projects of 4,411.6 million baht from 8 projects of GRAND UNITY Development Co., Ltd. or "GRAND UNITY" with the Backlog in the year 2017 totaling 3,276.0 million baht divided into the low-rise projects of 1,706.8 million baht and high-rise projects of 1,569.2 million baht.
For the year 2017, the Company plans to launch 4 new high-rise projects worth 5,800 million baht and upgrade the image of the GRAND UNITY brand. Apart from the focus on the development of condominium projects outstanding in the location, the remarkable points are enhanced in the design and innovation for every detail of sustainable and stable living in order to see the word "value" which is not just the price but the thought, understanding and dedication reflected through the project development performance.
The Company pays great attention to good corporate governance with the belief that good corporate governance will benefit the Company's business. It can increase the long-term value and return to shareholders and build confidence for shareholders, investors and all involving parties. Therefore, the Code of Conduct was reviewed and revised to comply with the law, good corporate governance principles of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) on Whistle blowing policy and protection of information providers to provide the channels for all groups of stakeholders including the employees to report clues, offenses, or fraudulent behavior, offense on corporate governance and business ethics to the Audit Committee.
With its commitment to perform the operation on the basis of good corporate governance. Thus, in 2016, the Company was ranked as one of 80 listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand to have the scores of Corporate Governance rated as "Excellent" or "5 Stars" from the survey on the corporate governance of 601 listed companies by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).
Regarding the social responsibility, the Company pays attention to all processes that affect society, community, and environment both in process and after process by supporting Grand Unity Development Co., Ltd. to improve the health and hygiene of the worker camp. The Child Care / Day Care Center project was conducted to provide the services to the quality of family workers. The materials used for the construction were chosen to help ventilating the heat to reduce room temperature thus saving energy.
The materials used to make furniture were chosen to be hygienic for reducing the risk of growth of microbes in the room. The Company also supported and encouraged Thai-Lysaght Co., Ltd. To be certified with ISO 14001: 2015 as Green Industry, Level 3 of Green System from the Ministry of Industry certified by the Energy Management System (ISO 50001: 2011) which resulted in effectively managing energy efficiency of Thai- Lysaght Co., Ltd. in order to reduce energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emission, and reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, all stakeholders were encouraged to have consciousness on the environmental and social responsibility outside the process through the Company's activities, such as Toxic waste activities to encourage the separation of hazardous waste of building, users, MELT VENTURES Project to raise funds to contribute to FEED THAILAND to build the strong future for human and nature to balance living in the world through environmental learning process and integration of natural learning to the youth.
The success of the Company in the past year results from the perseverance, persistence, and support of the executives, employees, and all stakeholders. I would like to thank all those who have supported the Company over the past administration period and look forward to receiving such great support further so that we can move towards the goal of becoming the leading company in the investment and development on real estate to generate appropriate returns and sustainable growth for all shareholders and stakeholders.