Univentures Public Company Limited (UV)
was founded and officially registered on 13 August 1980 with its initial business objectives of manufacturing and distribution of powdered zinc oxide. The Company became a listed company in The Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1988.
In 2006, the Company was granted approval from the Stock Exchange of Thailand to change its listing category in the “Industry and Sector Classification” Petrochemicals & Chemicals Sector to the Property Development Sector.
The Company has improved a long-term
business plan by investing in various groups
of high-potential business in the structure
of associated companies and subsidiaries.
The business lines are divided into property
development for sale, property development
for rent, zinc oxide manufacturing,
investment in energy sector, property management, and management of
development projects for strengthening
sustainable income in the long-run.
In addition, the Company acquired
Golden Land Property Development
Public Company Limited (“GOLD) which is
a property development company for
boosting the growth of business and
expanding the business of property
development, which is the core business activity of the Company.
In 2013, GOLD concentrated on the structure development by initiating the classification of its assets into Core Assets and Non-core Assets in order to determine the investment direction and business model for its own business, leading to improve and add value to its existing real estate projects, together with planning for new development projects so that the Company could realize gain from business operation in short-term.
For property development for rent, the Company focused on rental service for office buildings located in potential growth areas. This business line secured the company with good returns, including zinc oxide manufacturing which could expand the size of both local and international markets to serve a regional economic integration as ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
Business Structure
Real Estate Business
Manufacturing Business
Consultant and Management businesses
Other business