The Company adheres to operating business with honesty, transparency, fairness and treats all stakeholders equally under Good Corporate Governance. The Company aware of the importance of anti-corruption as it is well-aware that the corruption is criminal, illegal and morally wrong.
On 19 September 2018, the Company announce its purpose on anti-corruption by joining Thai Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (“Thai CAC”) and the Company was certified as a member of Thai CAC on 30 June 2020.
In order to set direction and process for compliance to anti-corruption policy of the Company into the same direction, the Board of Directors has prescribed anti-corruption policy in order to be a guideline for directors, executives and employees at all levels to adhere to as a responsibility that must be strictly observed with a consciousness and honesty for their work without corruption or seeking of personal benefits. It is considered an important factor that will help support the business operations of the Company Group to grow steadily and sustainably, including to enable the Company Group to be part of the Thai private sector in creating a transparent business ecosystem of the country.
Anti - Corruption Policy
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Letter requesting cooperation for anti-corruption
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