The Company’s Board of Directors is determined in operating the business transparently under the framework of law, ethics and good corporate governance including the anti-corruption. As the Company is well-aware that the corruption is criminal, illegal and morally wrong, the policies and guidelines are stipulated to prevent and solve all types of corruption.
The directors, executives, employees in all levels are prohibited to get involved in all forms of corruption and must comply with the rules and laws of Thailand in the anti-corruption.
The executives and employees are prohibited to accept the gifts except in the New Year’s festival which can accept the gifts amounting not more than 3,000 baht. If the gift exceeds 3,000 baht, the supervisor and the Company must be informed for further operation.
There is the risk management system appropriate for the nature of the Company’s business operation by identifying the potential risks that may arise from operating the business covering the potential risk of corruption as well as assessing the risk level both chance of occurrence and effect. Define the methods of risk management and measures appropriate for the assessed risks. Regularly monitor the risk management plan.
Assign the Internal Audit Department to be responsible for monitoring and reviewing the operations in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct, Regulatory Act and regulations, law, and requirements of the supervision body to ensure that the Company has appropriate and adequate control system over the potential risks of corruption and report to the Audit Committee.
Provide channels of communication for complaining or informing the suspicions about fraud to the Audit Committee which is an independent director either mail or e-mail at posted on the company website (, annual information disclosure (Form 56-1), Annual Report, and the Code of Conduct in business ethics for the operation following the process and submit to the Board of Directors.
  The Company has the policy to protect the informers of information or suspicions and will keep it confidential as well as having the measures to monitor and impose penalties in accordance with relevant regulations. In 2017, no report or offense was found in relation with the corruption relevant to the Company and / or the Univentures Group.
The Company’s Board of Directors has assigned the Corporate Governance Regulatory Commission to consider the rules and procedures for participating in the Collective Action Coalition of the Thai private sector in the anti-corruption of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption Council (CAC). In 2016, the Board of Directors assigned the Corporate Governance Committee responsible for planning, supporting and advising the management to prepare for participation in the Anti-Corruption (CAC).
Company dispatches staff to attend a seminar on Anti-Corruption Day, 2017 under the concept “New Government! Old Corruption?” At the Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok, the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Chamber of Commerce. To share the process experience. Problem / solution and success factors. To prepare for the certification process, a member of the Thai Private Sector (CAC).
The Company regards corruption and fraud as serious offenses. When any corruption and fraud occurs, the committee will jointly consider the penalties or litigation against the dishonest and corrupt employees. There is also the investigation on the details of the occurring problem to find the preventive measures to prevent the reoccurrence of corruption.