UV expands the investment in companies or businesses with potential or business synergy with partners who possess expertise and experience in many businesses, especially related real estate business
Forward System Company Limited (FS)
FS is a developer and presenter of smart security solution systems for buildings. This solution connects equipment and systems in the building such as the building access system, elevators, car parking, turnstiles/ flap gates, closed circuit cameras, and other security systems into one single system. FS focuses on selling equipment and control systems for use within buildings and real estate projects which are high quality products from leading global manufacturers with generally acceptable expertise and reputation. In addition, FS also has an engineering team, programmer team, customer service team, and after sales services team who have experience and expertise to provide complete services to customers including listening to issues or needs, providing advice, designing systems, and sourcing and installing products that meet with customers’ demands. It also can provide after sales maintenance services. Information of FS’ s products and services can be viewed from the website .
Ahead All Company Limited (AA)
AA distributes and installs products related to electrical equipment control systems and security systems for residential real estate projects, as well as for commercial real estate projects in various forms, including office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, retail stores, factories and warehouses. AA offers comprehensive service to customers, providing consultancy, design, procurement, and installation of quality products or systems which align with the needs of customers. It also provides after sales service in terms of maintenance. AA is currently an authorized distributor of electrical equipment control systems and security systems of global leading manufacturers. Information of AA’ s products and services can be viewed from the website
Univentures Consulting Company Limited (UVC)
UVC offers consulting services on finance and investment as follows:
Project Consulting : UVC offers business feasibility studies and analysis of commercial real estate projects in terms of business, marketing and finance. UVC also offers services of being the supervisor, coordinator, and manager during the project development period in order for the project to launch according to the specified plan.
Investment Banking – Finance and Business Consulting: UVC offers financial advisory services such as business mergers and acquisitions, sale or acquisition of business, studies on feasibility of project or investment, business valuation, preparation of company’s financial projections, capital financing, etc.
Land Acquisition for Project Development: UVC offers services of information consolidation and proposal of potential land in various locations according to the needs of the employer, as well as offering services of analysis of marketing condition and competition, setting a basic form of project development, and studies of feasibility and rate of returns from investment or project development.
Univentures Asset Management Company Limited (UVAM)
UVAM operates the business of real estate project management and is responsible for the management of project resource for efficiency and benefits to project revenue creation. This includes management of buildings and facilities to create readiness for utilization of renters and users; management of customers or renters to create or maintain a positive relationship between the project owner and renters which will be beneficial for new area developments and rental contract extension with appropriate rental prices; and management of public relations to create a positive project image, project reputation, and extensive attraction of target customer groups and general public.
Senses Property Management Company Limited (SPM)
SPM provides services of housing estate juristic persons management in which it is currently employed to manage juristic persons of juristic persons of Condo U Kaset – Nawamin and juristic persons of Condominium U Delight Ratchavibha.
Connextion Company Limited (CONNEXT)
CONNEXT operates the business of real estate consultant for selling, purchasing, leasing of real estate. Information of CONNEXT’s services can be viewed from the website
Univentures REIT Management Company Limited (UVRM)
UVRM operates the business of trust management, management of assets and liabilities of the trust. This includes investment in trusts in line with the registration statement for the sale of the trust units, operation plan, the resolutions of the unit holders’ meetings, related laws, rules, regulations and relevant rules and notifications of the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to generate commercial revenue for the trust and maximize benefits for overall unit holders. Currently, UVRM is the trust manager of Golden Ventures Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust.
Stonehenge Inter Public Company Limited (STI)
STI operates an engineering consultancy business to offer advice and management services to all types of construction, including both low-rise and high-rise real estate residential projects, and commercial real estate projects such as department stores, office buildings, hotels, exhibition centers, etc. STI acts as a representative of the project owner or the main contractor in the management and control of the construction project to ensure completion according to the employer’s objectives in terms of time, cost and quality. Information of STI’ s products and services can be viewed from the website
Univentures Capital Company Limited (UVCAP)
UVCAP invests in other businesses. At present, UVCAP holds shares in Forward System Company Limited, Ahead All Company Limited and Stonehenge Inter Public Company Limited.