High-rise projects
This business is operated by GRAND UNITY Development Company Limited (GRAND UNITY), which is the investor and developer of real estate high-rise projects for residences (Condominiums) located in community areas, convenient facilities, and transportation routes under the brands “Condo U”, “U Delight”, and “U Delight Residences". In addition, in 2018, GRAND UNITY also launched condominium projects under new brands including “CIELA” “De LAPIS” and “MAZARINE” which focus on developing projects in areas near sky train stations under the concept “Simply Makes Sense.”, creating residential areas that fulfill every lifestyle in order to expand the product base of GRAND UNITY to cover all market and customer groups. Information of GRAND UNITY’ s condominium projects can be viewed from the website
Low-rise projects
This business is operated by Golden Land Property Development Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (GOLD Group) which operate in the business of home and land allocation for sale in various types under various brands. These are developments of low-rise projects in the types of single houses, semi-detached houses, townhomes, townhouses, and commercial buildings, as well as the development of facilities within the projects, to cover all price levels in order to respond to demands of different customer groups. Information of GOLD Group’ s real estate projects can be viewed from the website